Refund policy

Due to the complexities of biology and genetic differences, Ando may not work for everyone. Therefore, we offer every customer a full refund on their first order up to 1 unit of Ando gummy within 30 days of purchase if they were dissatisfied after using a Ando product or have a complaint. Please note: No claim is being made about our products, but rather a warranty that you can get your money back if you are dissatisfied with one or more of the products you ordered, as long as you let us know via email prior to the end of the 30 day refund window. Refunds will not be given to repeat or recurring customers. If you receive damaged product(s), email us at within 30 days and we will replace damaged items. When buying a unit, only the price of the unit(s) will be refunded, no shipping or additional units will be refunded. Due to the ingestible nature of our product, and our desire to decrease risk of tampering for our customers, we do not accept returns (please see our FAQ for a full explanation).